EasyDump Download

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Install EasyDump and Deump apk dex files

  1. Download EasyDump and install EasyDump to your phone. (Click link at top of download.)
  2. Click the EasyDump app,you will see all tha apps that installed in phone.
  3. Click one installed app,will open the app.Wait the app opend,when the app is lanuched(will be wait sometime),the dex files will dump to phone. (Click Button at bottom of home page, then click Add App, use the floating action button to choose an APK file to install)
  4. Connect wifi,then visit http web on pc's browser.

Adnroid & phone model

  1. Android 5.0-7.0.
  2. Test Vivo、Nexus、LG etc.

Supported phone model are far more than above, you should test it by yourself.

Submit phone model and app that not dump dex files.Submit. QQ群号:1019808860